Trainee Program

North Atlantic Dance Theatre’s Junior (ages 11-13) & Senior (14& up) trainee program offers students who have achieved a higher degree of training and are looking to perform on a professional level to hone their craft as performance artists alongside NADT’s company members.

This trainee program was designed specifically for the growing demand of an intensive professional program for Wilmington Dance Academy’s upper ballet levels.

Under this program dancers will be required to commit to a full year of the trainee program and take a suggested schedule of classes offered at WDA along with supplemental classes offered (repertory, partnering & conditioning or modern)

Time Commitment and Student Contracts:

  • Besides the required classes at WDA, dancers chosen for this program will need to commit to required rehearsals & classes on Sundays.

  • Students will be required to sign a contract with NADT as a trainee agreeing to all scheduled rehearsals, tech and dress times, performances and special events.

  • They will also be expected to follow NADT’s behavioral guidelines and act with a professional manner during all contracted times. if student does not follow guidelines or is failing in their commitment they will be excused from their trainee program by the director.

  • Trainees should make sure they can commit to the program along with their studies and if on a competition team should make sure they are able to sustain both programs.


The fee for the apprenticeship program includes costume, coaching, and choreographer & studio rental fees. This does not include workshop or live performance opportunities


Payment plans are available please contact us at for more information

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2019/20 trainee Performances

  1. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

  2. The Nutcracker    

  3. 1:2 Program

  4. SleepinG Beauty

  5. In the Mood/ Vivaldi’s FOur Seasons

2109/20 Workshops & live performance

  • Trainees have the chance to attend live performances in and around Boston

  • Sign up for workshops to expand their dance knowledge

Requirements to Audition

Junior trainee

  • Must be Age 11-13

  • Must have at least one full year experience on pointe

  • Must display quality technique & artistic sensibilities

Senior Trainee

  • Must be Age 14 +

  • Must have experienced pointe work

  • Must display High quality of technique and artistry

  • must be preparing for a professional career in a performance art.