Giorgi Shanidze

June 2015


Anime prologue

Giorgi Shanidze, a native of the Republic of Georgia, started painting at age 3. Along with regular school he attended art schools in his home town, Tbilisi, Georgia. He also expressed his passion for art through dance. Performing on stage from a very young age, he was surrounded by the history embodied in the dance of one of the oldest ethnicities in the world.

At the age of 16, being a principal dancer in the company, Giorgi also joined Tbilisi Iakob Nikoladze Art School. There he studied painting and drawing. He was fortunate to study with David Urushadze; a brilliant and renowned professor who mentored many successful generations of painters in Georgia. Giorgi graduated in 1996 with a Diploma in Painting Pedagogy.

Later, to pursue a higher degree in the Arts, Giorgi enrolled in the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. There he specialized in Motion Picture Design. He trained with Dmitri Takaishvili on Motion Picture Design and Illustration, and with Esma Oniani on Painting. Throughout his Academy training between 1996-1999, he was awarded High Honors in Painting, Drawing, and Motion Picture Design subjects.

In 2012 Giorgi successfully participated in a group exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts where he lives today. Being a young, talented, and promising artist Giorgi uses his potential to its maximum. His unique taste and strong professional training allow him success in many mediums from oil painting and drawing to doll making and sculpting. Currently he is working on a series of women's portraits and sculptures, as well as creating illustrations for a biographical book.

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BEau Kenyon

September 2015 & October 2017

1:2 An Intimate Abstraction 


After earning composition degrees from Berklee College of Music (BMus, 2004) and Tufts University (MA, 2007), Kenyon deliberately left the world of music and composition to examine and expand his creative lens. In those years, he worked with Jennifer Zuk in Nadine Gaab's lab at Boston Children's Hospital. Here, he designed and executed an adult behavioral study that examined the relationship between musical study and Executive Function, published in the PLoS (2014). Kenyon meanwhile became a leader in education, earning a Montessori certification before becoming a 4th-6th grade Curriculum Coordinator and, later, the Director of Extracurricular Programs. As Director, Kenyon serves on the Leadership Team and Board of Directors while generating an additional revenue stream for the School through programmatic design and implementation. His programs include a music school for private study, academic enrichment courses, and an engineering + fine arts summer camp for elementary-aged students.

In 2012, Kenyon returned to his work as a composer and pianist by accepting commissions from the Keene Chamber Orchestra, Marjorie Gere, Elizabeth Sailer, Transient Canvas, Kevin Wilson, and Marti Epstein. He has also worked with Boston and New York-based performers and ensembles, such as Philipp Stäudlin, Duo Diorama, QX, Jessica Bowers, Scott Woolweaver, and Franziska Huhn. Recognized for his lyrical aesthetic and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary collaboration, Kenyon's work has been premiered in Boston, Washington DC, New Hampshire, Cyprus, and France.

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Horsegod Productions 

September 2014

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Film projection incorporating improvisational, live & stock footage for each performance.