Students and Parents should familiarize themselves with our expectations and guidelines for all students working with NADT before beginning rehearsals.


All cast is expected to be respectful of the theater and tech crew. If asked to clear the stage by the crew, do so immediately as it can be dangerous if a backdrop is being lowered.

  • Do NOT trash the theater! I will be extremely disappointed by this. Theatrers have survived many generations and therefore deserve respect. Do not leave trash in the theatrer or the dressing room. When you leave clean your area and if you see someone else has left a mess, clean theirs as well! Work as a team, please.

  • Costumes are not to be brought home unless they belong to you. However, there are hangers that you could hang costumes on to leave over night... I suggest doing this so you don't forget your costume!

  • These costumes have taken many painstaking hours to create and some cost over $500. Do NOT leave them on the ground.

  • Quiet backstage and in the dressing room at all times! Everything can be heard from the audience. Kids please bring with you a book or quiet game while waiting to perform.

  • Kids need to keep the wings clear for dancers exiting and entering. If you see a dancer running through the wings to get to their next spot "flatten" yourself against the wall as to allow room.

  • DRAMA. No. This is extremely unprofessional please stay calm and be polite. I will not put up with rudeness or drama. You will simply not be asked back for another performance this also goes for parents as well!

  • All dancers leaving the theater are expected to remove their makeup before exiting the theat. Kereeping ones makeup on breaks the wall between fantasy and reality for the audience. Dancers are "humble" so do not parade your makeup through town as this is very unprofessional.