• Boston University Dance Theater (map)
  • 915 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Boston, MA, 02215
  • United States

Sept 26 @ 7:00PM




NADT will be presenting their last program for the 2015 season

One piece of music: Two distinguished works. Beau Kenyon's newest composition challenges two choreographers to create their own work based on Beau's new composition. Our audiences can observe both passionate new works in one performance. An opportunity for them to delve into the mind of each choreographer as their intimate abstractions of the music come to life onstage

Our Choreographers, Gianni Di Marco (Boston Ballet) and Andrew Kelley (Dutch National Ballet) are unique to the project as they both come from very different backgrounds that have formulated their tastes and movement styles throughout the years. As rehearsals have progressed each piece exposes these two choreographer's contrasting ideas and concepts. As a dancer its a very exciting and intimate experience as we are invited into each choreographer's personal space to create these new ballets.

Lorraine Chapman The Company will be presenting two works:

"Solemn Moment" was originally choreographed in 2006 and presented by World Music/CRASHARTS for Dance Straight Up! The piece was inspired by a photograph taken in the 1980's of an amateur performance troupe from an obscure region of foreign country. The dancers enact choreography and song; perhaps they are rehearsing, perhaps they are performing, or perhaps they are fantasizing. The work is an invitation to glance inside their world. "Salute" premiered in 2015 in a Pentacle presents The Gallery and is a dance for 3 women in colorful, sequined jumpsuits. As the dancers journey through Beethoven's Concert No. 5 in E Flat Major for Piano and Orchestra, they take timeout to communicate non-verbally with the audience through gestures. This gesticulation was created by each dancer filming themselves talking, by themselves, for five minutes then learning their physical accompaniment.

Also featuring "Madame Sherry" a solo created by David Parker for Lorraine Chapman