Engage in the possibility

NADT's outreach program is to ensure that students in the local Boston areas are offered an opportunity to perform on a professional scale. This gives them a glimpse into the life of a professional dancer to see if this is a profession they may want to pursue. Dreams of wanting to become a professional dancer are often stifled when students are not given enough tools to succeed in the"Dance" world. This first hand experience will help guide them towards a better understanding of what it "takes" to dance professionally. This program is an enjoyable approach for students willing to learn. 

Through this program students will:

  • Learn how to conduct themselves responsibly while in the studio and theatre
  • Respect for work ethic and peers
  • Build Etiquette
  • Perform in a professional manner on stage
  • Learn the in's and out's of a theatre

Curious children counting the many layers of tulle it takes to make a tutu.

*photo by Kelly Curran McCarthy

All while:

  • Working alongside a professional company
  • Working with local artists, musicians, choreographers, etc.
  • Building their resume
  • Networking (ballet is a small world)
  • Performing quality works with integrity
  • Broadening their minds to the expansiveness of "Dance as Art"